What's with this picture? We'll give you more information about the image next Thursday. Meanwhile, use your observation, interpretation and language skills to give us a creative caption in a line or two. The best entries will be published. Write to school@thehindu.co.in with subject 'caption' or to The Hindu in School, 859/860, Anna Salai, Chennai -- 2

There were a lot of creative entries for last week’s picture. Thank you. The picture is of stuffed toys placed for drying on a clothesline along a road in Quinapundan town, Eastern Samar province, central Philippines in mid- November in the aftermath of typhoon Phailin.

An outdoor puppet show

Hi buddies! Have you got your sunscreen lotion for sunbath?

Evangeline .E. S

Grade 10, Excel Global School, Thiruvattar

Toyland in Wasteland.

Prateek Gaur

Class 9, K.V.1, AFS, Sambra


Replaced by gadgets

Benish J.

Class 11

Excel Central School, Thiruvattar

Sunbath after entertaining children

Vijay C.

Class 11

Excel Central School, Thiruvattar

Hanging out with friends!!!

K.B. Sandra

Class 7, Crescent Public School


One colourless amongst many colourful; so is the course of life !

J.S. Anandhu Krishna

Class 9, Excel Central School, Thiruvattar

Fun-shine in the Sunshine

Lalith Shourie

Class 4, Vidyaranya High School,


We have escaped from dirtiness, but the world...?

Neenu Prakashan


Ponani, Malappuram


Soft toys struggling hard.

S. Sri Divya

Class 9,

Ratnam school,


Being dirty,

I washed my teddies.


They are hanging like dhoties.

S.Mohamed Aashiq

Class 12,

Mount Zion Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Pudukkottai