Would you have clicked this picture?

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The photo taken by Kevin carter
The photo taken by Kevin carter

The article “Uproar over New York Post Picture” on December 6th had a debate on a photograph of an falcon which was waiting for a malnourished Sudanese girl to die and the question was whether the photographer was ethically right in taking the picture. Some think that he should have saved the girl instead. However, if he had saved the girl without taking her photograph, nobody would have known what had happened. Nobody would have understood the pain and suffering of the poor and no one would've known what food means to them. What matters, is that he made a bold effort to take that photograph so someday, someone will do whats right. A photograph like this can spark a change. This is the true essence of the media and if the photographer clicked this photo with that intention in mind, then I think he is a great person.The imperfectly perfect decisions we make will always add on to the betterment of humanity.

Paul Joshy K.

Class 11, Ragagiri Public School, Kalamassery



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