Meghalaya Governor R S Mooshahary on Friday categorized women, senior-citizens and children as vulnerable to human rights violations and said that education was the only tool to arm these people.

“Women are especially vulnerable to discrimination and violence besides other violations of human rights. Senior citizens and children are also vulnerable to such violations,” he said.

Mooshahary was addressing a 2-day international conference on ‘Human Rights - a global challenge’ organized by a city college here.

Mooshahary said education was the only tool to protect human rights. “Without education, it is useless in bringing in so many legislations to promote and protect human rights. I advise society to educate women as an enlightened and educated woman is a source of power,” he said.

Stressing the need for inculcation of moral and spiritual values, the Governor said, “The type of education which is needed to be imparted to people is how to “unlearn evils”, adding “education should also create conditions for human rights to flourish.”

Mooshahary said, “Poverty, illiteracy and superstitious are often known to be the enemies of human rights.”PTI