Why so serious? It’s summer!

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It's summer time! The time when all we want to do is play endlessly, and indulge in ice creams and other ways to beat the heat. But this is also the time students begin complaining about holiday homework! Often regarded as a “crucial punishment”, holiday homework is a burden for most students.

    Life is not a bed of rose, especially for the students who have to complete plenty of homework these holidays. Did you know that in 1901, a law was passed in California limiting the amounts of homework a teacher can assign. Most of us students wish a law like this existed in their country!

Moreover, it is a popular practice among the students to copy homework, finish all assignments at the last minute or make some good excuse to get out of it. So is holiday homework actually useful? 

Students have a valid point. Summer holidays are the only time in the whole year where children can spend loads of quality time with family and friends or doing some fun activities. Also, group projects irk parents sometimes. Many go out of station, some for family functions, and the rest may simply retreat to hill stations or other places. Amidst all such fun stuff where is the time to do boring homework?

  From a teacher's point of view holiday homework and projects are essential so that students don't lose touch with their lessons. Most students face “short-term memory loss” when they return to school after a long vacation. Thanks to such holiday homework we learn, revise and memorise our portions thoroughly. Teachers also believe that many students do not utilise their time properly. For example, if a student is slow and has weak grasping power then they can make use of their vacations to finish the lessons.

 But everybody needs a break, right from office goers who sweat it out working hard throughout the year to retired couples who are busy planning holiday getaways. Then why don't students get a break from doing holiday homework? My take on this is that very limited homework should be assigned to students. So that it is easy for the students to do and easier for the teachers to correct! After all, teachers too need a break form controlling noisy classes and correcting notes. 


Class 11, Bhavan's Rajai Vidyashram, Chennai



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