Small gestures can make the biggest impact. Students of the Electronics & Computer Engineering (ECE), Centre for Extension Activities (CEA) in KL University, did a few simple little things, but in all their earnestness, and their gesture touched the hearts of the young inmates of Chinmaya Vijaya, an orphanage for girls.

Located at a distance of 2 km from the holiday resort Haailand at Chinakakani, the orphanage stands amidst a lush green carpet, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Peace and tranquillity pervades the vicinity.

Taking a break from their frenzied lifestyle, the students headed to this destination to spend an eventful day with the inmates. The young inmates leading a life away from normal homes, where parents shower love and affection on their children and fulfil their every desire, are in the process of taking wobbly steps towards life. The ‘We Care for You’ message of the students came out loud and clear in the series of activities that kept the young girls engaged and entertained.

Besides singing, dancing, all done impromptu sans any make-up or prior rehearsals, there was this free-flowing interactive session that helped the inmates open up and speak out and share their ideas and some of their deepest emotions with their ‘new friends’.

In the afternoon, it was time to enjoy a scrumptious lunch which was followed again by entertainment and exciting competitions in games, singing and other activities. The girl students managed to strike an immediate chord and shared their knowledge on key issues with the inmates. They said there was nothing that could stop them from achieving success in life if they were willing to work hard.

The free-flowing interactive session helped the inmates of the orphanage open up and share their ideas and some of their deepest emotions with KL University students