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Be aware:To be safe on the road, one should know and understand Traffic Signs.
Be aware:To be safe on the road, one should know and understand Traffic Signs.

Last week we learnt a little about the traffic lights and what their functions are towards ensuring road safety. Today, we will learn about signs that help in ensuring your safety while on road – Traffic Signs. You may have often read signs that say stop, or no U turn on the road, or even signs that simply have marking for directions for drivers. These signs and road markings are silent speakers to the road users.

Different traffic signs seen on the roads give advanced information about road conditions ahead. Road markings also give orders, warning or guidance to drivers or riders.

Road signs are classified under the three heads:

Mandatory Signs: These signs are used to inform road users of certain laws and regulations to provide safety and free flow of traffic.

These include all signs, which give notice of special obligation, prohibition or restrictions with which the road user must comply. The common signs included here are one way street, no entry, vehicle prohibition, pedestrian prohibition among others

Cautionary Signs: These signs are used to warn the road users of certain hazardous conditions either on or adjacent to the roadway. The signs, which fall under this category, are right hand/left hand curve, slippery road, narrow bridge, school ahead and intersections among others.

Informatory Signs: These signs are used to guide road users along routes, inform them about destination and distance, identify points of geographical and historical interest and provide other information that will make the road travel easier, safe and pleasant. Some of these signs include road names, hospitals and dining place signs, parking signs and barriers.

It is important for pedestrians and vehicle drivers alike to know and understand these signs, in order to ensure their safety on the road.

This way, one will not then be surprised by a bend, a one-way street or a junction ahead. Happy travelling!



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