You have all the capabilities and resources. Your brain may be highly capable and as you know it has trillion neurons, each and every one more capable than a superpower computer. But still you can’t perform well at certain times! Have you thought about it? What is the primary reason? I will give you one example: If the virus enters the computer what will happen? It will slow down, hang, information will be deleted, screen will go blank etc. Though the computer is a powerful machine it can’t function well if the virus affects it.

Similarly, the human brain may be capable, but by usage of words that are not useful the functioning can be slowed down. What are the words that are not useful?

TRY – When you say ‘I will try to finish my homework today’ most likely you will not finish on that day reason being you only ‘try’. Similarly, when you say ‘I will try to score 100% in my Maths, most likely you will not, because you only ‘try’. Instead you must ‘do’! When you say ‘I will do my homework today’, you will. So stop using ‘try’ and instead use ‘do’.

HATE – I hear from students, ‘I hate my exams’, ‘I hate my subjects’, ‘I hate my teachers’, etc. The truth is when you say, ‘I hate something’, irrespective of the amount of effort you put in, you can’t do well, be it your subjects or relationships. Stop using the word ‘hate’ to describe how you feel about useful activities.

PROBLEM – When you say I have a problem, your mind finds it difficult to handle the same. When you say, ‘my subject is a problem’, ‘my teacher is a problem’ or ‘my school is a problem,’ it means you don’t have a solution or it is very difficult to handle the same. Instead you need to say, ‘I have a challenge’. Challenges can be inspiring to handle. .

I DON’T KNOW - When you say ‘I don’t know’ your mind stops looking for a solution or an answer. More importantly when you start using ‘I don’t know’ over and over again it becomes a habit. It becomes an easy way out for all the questions even for easier ones. So stop using ‘I don’t know’.

Use words which are useful and that will make huge difference to your capability.

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