“We do not want our next generation to enter this profession. We are forced to be here as we were unable to find out any other livelihoods. We want our children to get educated and live a respectable life,” says one Padma from Zaheerabad.

She was one among the several sex workers who addressed a gathering at ‘Community to Government Interface Meeting’ held at the Collectorate on Monday.

Not only Padma, there were several others with their own stories to narrate.

“There are husbands who force their wives to continue in the same profession as it is a way to make a quick buck. Some of them are habituated to live on the income being generated by their spouses. While some husbands are drunkards, the others are physically incapable of working which forces us to enter or continue in the same profession,” said one of the women addressing the gathering.

“Many of our families are living on the income of a single person and we are afraid to change profession as it would not give us regular income,” she said.

Dropout children

Children of many sex workers were dropping out from schools as they were psychological tormented by other schoolmates by way of asking uncomfortable questions, said another sex worker. The programme was organised to create awareness among the sex workers about the schemes being implemented by the government for their welfare.

As per the HIV Sentinel Surveillance, the HIV prevalence among anti-natal cases (ANC) has gone down to 0.75 per cent in the year 2010 from 1.15 per cent in 2003 in Medak district.

To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, the APSACS was implementing targeted intervention project covering 2,766 high risk group population and 178 HIV/AIDS positive persons.

We are afraid to change profession as it will not give us regular income

Community to Government Interface Meeting organised to create awareness among sex workers about government schemes