Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi agrees to amend MPD Act

Uncertainty over continuation of unrecognised schools in the Capital which were unable to meet the Master Plan for Delhi-2021 norms on minimum size has ended with Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna agreeing to Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s demand to bring about an amendment to the MPD Act.

Schools that were unable to meet the norms as required by Section 18 of the Right to Education Act were facing closure from April 1.

Ms. Dikshit had earlier urged Mr. Khanna to amend the relevant provisions relating to land norms with respect to the requirement of minimum area for schools referred to in the Master Plan. The implementation of the RTE Act had specified that the minimum area required for recognition of a primary school would be 800 square metres and for senior secondary schools it would be 2,000 square metres.

With a large number of schools in Delhi functioning over less than the prescribed area, it was feared that they would not be able to operate after April 1, 2013. Ms. Dikshit had stated that it was therefore essential to review the land norms in respect of primary and elementary schools so that the maximum number of schools could be brought under fold of recognition.

In his communication, Mr. Khanna has stated that he is in complete agreement with the suggestions related to amendment to MPD submitted by the Chief Minister. He has also advised the Government to proceed on the basis that the necessary change will be effected in the MPD. Hence the Lieutenant-Governor decided that no school would face closure.

Responding to the L-G’s approval for the amendment to the Master Plan, Ms. Dikshit said this move will mean a big relief to thousands of children studying in neighbourhood schools as the Delhi Government and municipal bodies have been authorised to grant recognition to all unrecognised schools.

  • Big relief for thousands of children as now no school will be closed

  • Schools not having the required area were earlier facing closure from April 1