Less acknowledged, just as important

December is the month of celebrations and vacations. But the month also has a lesser acknowledged side which is often ignored and sometimes forgotten. Celebrated every year on the 7{+t}{+h}of December, Armed forces Flag Day is the day when citizens should be made aware of the hardships and hurdles Indian soldiers go through in order to maintain peace and harmony in our country. On this day, funds are collected for the welfare and the rehabilitation of widows and the injured. Observed since 1949, this year shall be the 63rd celebration of the event.

Coincidentally, December 7th is also known as the Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day in the U.S.Sanandan

Class 10,

Presidency School,

Kasturi Nagar

Salute our Army

The Indian Army is the cause for peace in the nation. The contribution of army to India is so valuable.

Why do we know so much about all the politicians who rule us, but nothing about the soldiers who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the country. Who is the present army chief? Sadly, only a few citizens of India can answer that question..  Why not include information about the Army in our curriculums. What are citizens of India giving to the army who are protecting us day and night? The least we can do is try to know about them.


Class 10,

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Tirupati