Time to criminalise air polluters

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Photo: M. Vedhan
Photo: M. Vedhan

As pollution is deteriorating most parts of the world, it is our immense duty to conserve, preserve and to save our environment. Increase in population was a trend once but now there is an increase in pollution for every new invention. If one is caught polluting the air through any means, he/she will have to go behind the bars and pay for the destruction caused to the environment and he/she has to spread awareness or must be put under life imprisonment as he has destroyed the life of other living organisms.


Class XI, SSVM School, Mettupalayam


There should be a strict law that if an act of pollution is done, adequate compensation is payed. The government should take severe action on those who litter.

Kaviranjana Antony

Class VI, Pushpalata British International School, Tirunelveli


The law which I think would help to reduce air pollution in my neighbourhood is usage of CNG-based vehicles because CNG is lighter than air and safer than other fuels and disperses quickly when it is released.

U. Vishnu Priya,

Class IX, Aravinda High School, Vijayawada


 Pollution may be caused by some rice mills which release a lot of smoke from the chimneys. As this is very dangerous to the passers by, the government should give an order to shift the rice mills which are situated near the roads. Another suggestion is that the government should order all vehicle-owning persons in each district to submit a “Fitness Certificate” of their vehicle to the R.T.O office, atleast once in three months.


Class XI, Cheran MHSS, Karur


There would be a separate association allotted for controlling air pollution. There would be a monthly  campaign held to create awareness among people  about air pollution.  This would be done the people who created air pollution. The expenses of the campaign is spent by air polluters.


Class VIII, Navabharath International School, Annur


I don’t feel that literally punishing polluters can help us stop this. A law should indeed be formed. However, it should be something different, something not found in the any law book written till date. This law is the “Law of self-realisation’. People who pollute must be counselled by experienced people who can talk in a smooth way and change minds. Videos, photos, data and other evidence of the harms of pollution must be shown to all of them to change them.  Self-Realisation is the most cost-efficient and best way to do this.


Class XI, Cheran MHSS, Karur



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