Students speak

The thought that yoga is religious is a wrong one. It is an ancient form for relaxation and spiritual development, which happened to have originated in India. Yoga is the perfect way to release stress and the deep wounds in our heart. That is exactly what our world need now — PEACE.


Class XI, Carmel.G.H.S.S., Trivandrum.


Yoga or any other practices in school can never promote a certain religion, but only the physical and mental health of a child.  Though it is mistaken by other religions, it is students who get the most benefit from such practices in school and not a certain religion.    

Vishwas Bhat,

Class X, Silas International School, Udupi.


People of any religion can practice Yoga. Nowadays, people are under the pressure of losing weight, looking beautiful or handsome, so people practice yoga to become trim and fit. Yoga, karate, etc. should be practiced in each and every school.

Himanshu Sridhar

Class IX, Bangalore