Student Bingo!

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Everyone knows how a classic Bingo game goes. Every person draws a square and divides it into 25 smaller boxes (5 rows and 5 columns).

Now these boxes are filled in with numbers 1-25 in a random manner. Every person gets a chance to call out a number. Each number called out gets struck off.

Every vertical or horizontal line of struck numbers means that a letter of the word "BINGO" gets struck out, starting with "B".

The first one to strike out all the letters and calls out 'BINGO' to win the game.

Student bingo is very similar except instead of numbers, the squares have the names of the students in the class (see sample grid on the left). The teacher calls out students' names in a random fashion. The first to strike out all the names in his or her square wins.

Don’t forget to call out “BINGO!” when you win.



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