Parents seem to have understood the importance of educational aids if the growing number of visitors at educational stalls at the ongoing education fair is any indication.

Shravya Educational Aids (stall no. 216 and 217), Om Art Prints (stall no. 79-81) are some of the stalls that have showcased educational aids. The telescope, microscope, periscope and kaleidoscope are a few scientific instruments that are drawing the attention of children. The stall owners are giving demonstrations on each science model that is on display. They say that they were giving 35 per cent concession to government schools and 25 per cent to private schools.

The clocks working with infusion of copper and zinc metals in potato, tomato and other vegetables, innovative mathematical puzzles, do it yourself kits, play way toys, science projects for children in the group of 6 to 8 years, educational CDs and DVDs, science puzzles, models, charts are few of the items that are available at these stalls. The modern teaching aids were prepared with a clear understanding the importance of giving children a true learning, appreciation and respect for natural world and its precious resources, they say.

“Scientific aids are useful to learn things in a better way. In fact, children learn science, if they see practically what’s been written in the text books,” says Ch. Koteswara Rao, who brought his two kids to the book fair.

Concurring with his views, G. Chaya, a homemaker, says, “It is not just that a book stimulates thoughts and creativity and scientific temper among the children. But, a right scientific educational aid will help in understanding the nuances of science.”

Lotus Lap school’s distinction

Lotus Lap Public School, Saroornagar Branch launched its school calendar-cum- school report card on January 9. This assessment of school has been done by Gray Matters Capital. They assessed 400 affordable private schools in Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore and declared Lotus Lap as one among the top ten schools.

Lotus Lap, Saroornagar Branch, was given a score of 7.5/10. The Gray Matters Capital had given rankings by taking into account parameters such as students’ test results, teachers’ performance evaluation, interaction with the parents, amenities and facilities and class X results of the last year.

This event was conducted by the Gray Matters Capital, in the presence of the parents, the branch directors -- Chandrashekhar Reddy and Madavi, central office principal Sunitha Srinivas, branch principal Lalitha Reddy, in-charges Shaheen, Veena Joshi, Madavi Ranganath -- and other staff members.

The Management felt extremely elated with the improved rating and said that it would work harder for a better score.


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