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This year on Children’s Day you may have pestered your parents to buy you the latest toy in the market. You may have wanted a day of fun at play areas in malls and theme parks. Or you may have participated in fancy dress competitions in school or gone on a picnic with friends.

These are some of the ways you may have celebrated this special day meant for children.

But do you know that this day could be observed to remember your rights and truly honour the spirit in which the day was founded? You could give yourself the gift of a happy future! And here we would like to add a safe one too!

Stand up for your rights

Stand up for what rightly belongs to you – a right to a safe environment, within which you can flourish and prosper.

Choose to no longer be treated as a child who isn’t heard, and often told what to do. Instead do the talking. Demand your right to a safe world, where the roads can be used to cycle around and explore unseen treasures! Don’t accept a world where you have to hold an adult's hand and cross the road in a hurry because you might come in the way of grown ups who are driving too fast.

Cleaner air

This year demand a world where the air is safe to breathe. Not one that is clogged with the carbon emitted from vehicles that pass you by as you wait by the pavements. Ensure you demand a world, where playing cricket on the streets on Sundays takes precedence over the traffic rushing towards the neighbourhood mall.

Create a world where you are heard, you are given a chance to speak and where your freedom is given wings – where you are safe! Take a step, talk to friends, start a movement and build it to a point where you are not ignored! Ask for what truly belongs to you – a safe world!



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