What is Qwikipedia?

Ever been on Wikipedia to look up an article? More often than not, we start with one topic, click a few links and within no time are reading about something else.

Qwikipedia is a game that tries to quench this curiosity in us. The objective is to get to a particular wiki page, starting from a specific article, using minimal clicks. There is no single correct answer, so we might surprise ourselves by finding new routes each time!

Thursday’s Trekker

Virunga National Park —> Rahul Dravid

Virunga National Park

Did you read about the news that Africa’s most bio diverse area might be under threat? WWF has filed a complaint against Soco International’s oil exploration activities in and around Virunga National Park, though the company has dismissed the claims as baseless.

Virunga National Park is a UN World Heritage Site and is home to thousands of rhinos and 200 endangered mountain gorillas.


Mount Hoyo, neighbouring area to Virunga National Park, was also managed with the park. It comprises of caves and waterfalls, adding to the diversity of the park.  

A place where water falls over a vertical drop in the course of a river or stream is known as a waterfall. Angel Falls, with a height of 979 m, is considered the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall.

Jog falls

Nohkalikai falls in Meghalaya with a height of 335 m is India’s highest plunge. Coming in next at 253 m is Jog falls in Karnataka, which is also a major tourist attraction. The word joga in kannada means falls.

Rahul Dravid

When you are talking about Karnataka, one sportsperson who stands out is Rahul Dravid. Hailed as The Wall , Dravid is often considered to be among the finest cricketers to have graced the sport. Innumerable records notwithstanding, Dravid is also seen as an ambassador, both for the sport and our country. He recently called time on his career, after captaining RR to the final of CLT20.

So the path that we have traversed today is:

Virunga National Park —> Waterfall —> Jog falls —> Rahul Dravid

Three clicks! Hop over. It’s time for the next question:

Friday’s Free rider

Walmart —> Marilyn Monroe

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