What is Qwikipedia?

Ever been on Wikipedia to look up an article? More often than not, we start with one topic, click a few links and within no time are reading about something else.

Qwikipedia is a game that tries to quench this curiosity in us. The objective is to get to a particular wiki page, starting from a specific article, using minimal clicks. There is no single correct answer, so we might surprise ourselves by finding new routes each time!

Friday’s Free rider

Budapest —> Banyan tree


The largest city of Hungary, Budapest is also the largest in East Central Europe. The city is known as the primate city of Hungary as it acts as the country’s political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transportation centre.

Budapest became a single city after the unification of Buda and Obuda with Pest. The city occupies both banks of river Danube. Budapest transformed into a global city after the 1873 unification.  

Hungarian Revolution of 1848, Hungarian Republic of Councils of 1919, Operation Panzerfaust in 1944 and many other important revolutions were centred on Budapest.

Global city

Any city which holds an important place in the global economic system is called the global city.

It is also referred to as the world city, alpha city or world centre. The concept of global city is probably derived from geography and urban studies.

The term gained popularity after sociologist Saskia Sassen’s book The Global city: New York, London, Tokyo.  Bangalore, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Taipei are a few examples for global city.


Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan. The city is located on the Tamsui river and is a prominent port city on the Pacific Ocean.

Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung form the Taipei metropolitan area. The entire area is referred to as Taipei and the Taipei city refers to the proper city.

A major industrial area is housed in this political, economic and cultural centre of Taiwan.  Taipei is well connected with railways, high speed rail, highways and airports. Taipei Songham and Taiwan Taoyuan are the two major airports. Banyan trees are found in Taipei.


When the seeds of the Banyan germinate in the cracks of the main tree, another plant starts its life. Banyan or Ficus benghalensis is the national tree of India.

Most of the time, the term Banyan includes all such figs which share a characteristic life cycle. The seeds of this tree are dispersed by the birds which eat their fruits.

Banyan has large, leathery, glossy green leaves. They are elliptical in shape. It is indeed a feast for an eye to see the young leaves of the banyan tree…they have an attractive young tinge.

So the path that we have traversed today is:

Budapest —> Global city —> Taipei —> Banyan tree

Three clicks!

Hop over. Its time for the next question:

Monday’s Marauder

Postage stamp—> Honeycomb

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