What is Qwikipedia?

Ever been on Wikipedia to look up an article? More often than not, we start with one topic, click a few links and within no time are reading about something else.

Qwikipedia is a game that tries to quench this curiosity in us. The objective is to get to a particular wiki page, starting from a specific article, using minimal clicks. There is no single correct answer, so we might surprise ourselves by finding new routes each time!

Thursday’s Trekker

Flea circus —> Sochi

Flea circus

I’ve always wondered if insects can be trained. How else can fleas – a type of wingless and blood-sucking insect – perform in sideshow circuses? Apparently, these flea performers can run, jump and play musical instruments. Turns out that fleas cannot be trained. It’s just that they have incredibly powerful legs so they can move objects that are heavier than them. Flea circus owners catch these insects and using extremely thin gold wire harness them to tiny, lightweight carts or miniature musical instruments. The fleas are kept in a glass box. They may try to run or jump so it looks like they are moving carts or playing the instruments.


Most of us who are reading this paper are likely to own at least a little gold ornament. Gold has long been a symbol of wealth in the form of expensive jewelry, coins and various works of art. Gold is a chemical element. Its chemical symbol is Au and its atomic number is 79.

The south-east corner of the Black Sea was famed for its gold. This gold was important in the establishment of what is probably the world's earliest coinage in Lydia (an Iron Age kingdom in present day west Asia) around 610 B.C.

Black Sea

It is a large inland sea situated at the southeastern extremity of Europe. It is bordered by Ukraine to the north, Russia to the northeast, Georgia to the east, Turkey to the south, and Bulgaria and Romania to the west. Important cities along the coast include Batumi, Burgas, Hopa, Kerch, Mangalia, Odessa, Ordu, Sevastopol and Sochi.


Sochi is a city in Russia on the Black Sea coast near the border between Georgia and Russia. The city will host the XXII Olympic Winter Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Games in 2014, as well as the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix from 2014 until at least 2020. It is also one of the host cities for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. That's sure a lot of work!

So the path that we have traversed today is:

Flea circus —> Gold —> Black Sea —> Sochi

Three clicks! Hop over. Its time for the next question:

Friday’s Free rider

Brooklyn Bridge —> Graphite

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