What is Qwikipedia?

Ever been on Wikipedia to look up an article? More often than not, we start with one topic, click a few links and within no time are reading about something else.

Qwikipedia is a game that tries to quench this curiosity in us. The objective is to get to a particular wiki page, starting from a specific article, using minimal clicks. There is no single correct answer, so we might surprise ourselves by finding new routes each time!

Friday’s Free rider

Salman Rushdie —> Cola

Salman Rushdie

Rushdie is a British Indian essayist and novelist. If you're new to Rushdie's works, a good starting point would be Haroun and the sea of stories. The plot revolves around child protagonist Haroun Khalifa.

Rushdie uses many of his stories to question society's injustices and reflect the harsh realities of life. He is also well-known for the use of a literary technique called magic realism in his books.

His novel Midnight's Children won the Booker Prize in 1981. The book was recently made into a film. It talks about the partition of India and India's transition to self-governance after being a British colony. His most controversial novel, however, is Satanic Verses for which he was issued a fatwa and death threats.

Rushdie's began his career as a copywriter at Ogilvy and Mather. This is where he came up with a cheeky and delicious description of "irresistibubble" for Aero chocolates.

Aero (Chocolate)

Have you ever tried air chocolate? It's a kind of chocolate that contains little gas bubbles. The manufacturing process was invented by a company called Rowntree's in 1935.

Aero is a milk chocolate bar filled with air bubbles and sold primarily in the U.K and Europe.

During manufacturing the fluid chocolate mass is foamed and, then, cooled in a low pressure environment. As the bubbles of gas expand they cool and help set the chocolate. This helps to maintain an even bubble distribution within the chocolate.

Aero chocolate bars come in many flavours including mint, white chocolate and caramel. The caramel comes as a layer on top of the chocolate


Sugar or syrup heated until it turns brown, used as a flavouring or colouring for food or drink. It is made by heating sugar and is a popular flavour in puddings and desserts and to fill inside sweets.

Have you tried caramel ice-cream or custard? Usually, a layer of flakes or caramels is added to the ice-cream and custard. When sugar is heated, its molecules break down and become a compound with a special flavour. Caramel is also used to add flavour in some colas.


We hope you read the recent news article about the perils of drinking too much Cola. Doctors say that a 30-year-old woman died because of drinking several litres of Cola every day. Her liver was said to contain fatty deposits from the sugars in the Cola.

Cola is a carbonated beverage that was originally flavoured and caffeinated by the kola nut, as well as by vanilla and other ingredients.

However, most colas now use other flavouring (and caffeinating) ingredients with a similar taste. It became popular worldwide after druggist John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886.

So the path that we have traversed today is:

Salman Rushdie —> Aero (chocolate) —> Caramel —> Cola

Three clicks! Hop over. Its time for the next question:

Saturday’s Surfer

Tripura —> Affenpinscher

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