What is Qwikipedia?

Ever been on Wikipedia to look up an article? More often than not, we start with one topic, click a few links and within no time are reading about something else. Qwikipedia is a game that tries to quench this curiosity in us.

The objective is to get to a particular wiki page, starting from a specific article, using minimal clicks. There is no single correct answer, so we might surprise ourselves by finding new routes each time!

Thursday’s Trekker

P.G. Wodehouse —> Glacier

P.G. Wodehouse

Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, popularly known as P.G Wodehouse was a prolific British writer whose body of work includes a number of novels, short-stories, plays, poems, lyrics and pieces of journalism. His writing career lasted almost seventy years and his works, especially those based on the incorrigible valet Jeeves is hugely enjoyed even today. His work is generally a reflection of the times and the society he lived in. Set mainly in pre and post World War I England, laced with vaguely sarcastic humour and generally pertaining to the upper-class echelons of British Society—these books are a delightful read.

World War I

World War I or the Great War as it was popularly known as, until the advent of World War II, refers to a global war in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted till 11 November 1918. All of Europe’s great powers participated in this war, assembled into two opposing groups. The Allies which comprised of the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Russia were pitted against the Central Powers which included Germany and Austria-Hungary. Additional developments such as Russia leaving the war and the United States joining hands with the Allies also took place. This war was said to be the sixth deadliest conflict in world history and by the end of it 9 million men were killed and four major imperial powers—German, Russia, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire were shattered.


France, officially called the French Republic is the largest country in Western Europe and the third largest in Europe as a whole. Right through history, it has boasted of strong economic, cultural, military and political influences in Europe and was the second largest colonial empire between the 17th and 20th century.

Today, it is a highly developed, wealthy country with a high standard of living, excellent public education, fantastic public health services and a strong military. It also is the most popular tourist destination in the world.

However, this was not always the case. The earliest traces of human life in the area occupied by France today reveal that this area was subject to several glacial eras, marked by a bitter climate and harsh living conditions.

Glacial Era

A glacial era or ice age as it is also called refers to the expansion of ice-sheets and glaciers on the surface of the earth due to a prolonged rise in temperature.

There have been at least five major ice ages in the Earth’s past--Huronian, Cryogenian, Andean-Saharan, Karoo Ice Age and the Quaternary glaciations. The slightly warmer period between these major glacial periods are referred to as “interglacials”.


A glacier is a large body of ice that is formed when large masses of snow accumulate over long periods of time—stretching into centuries. Over time, this snow is subjected to constant melting and thawing, alters its form and finally becomes glacial ice.

The word glacier is derived from the latin word glacies which means ice and the process of glacier formation is called glaciation. Glacial ice is the largest reservoir of fresh water on Earth and supports one third of her population. Glaciers are highly susceptible to the vagaries of the climate and are among the best indicators of climate change.

So the path that we have traversed today is:

P.G.Wodehouse —> World War I —> France—> Glacial era —> glacier

Four clicks! Hop over. Its time for tomorrow’s question:

Friday’s Free rider

Leukemia —> World Trade Center

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Raghav Kirthivasan of The Choice School, Kochi found a different path. Here is the path he traversed: Baker's Dozen —> Weight-International System of Units —> Foot(unit)