Choose an old photo album belonging to your family and journey back in time.

Select an old family photograph, one which features your parents or grandparents when they were younger.

Then, find out the following:

> The year/decade during which the photograph was taken.

> The Prime Minister of India during that period.

> The genre of music that was popular then.

> The clothes that were considered fashionable.

> Major events that occurred during those years.

You can ask the elders in your family and research online as well.

Now, go on a quest to seek three objects from that period. It can be anything – clothes, accessories, an early model of a mobile phone, a videotape, a cassette, a gramophone, a gramophone record, a transistor radio, a newspaper. Remember to obtain objects that are from the period in which the photo was taken.

After you have collected the objects and done your research, bring them to class for a 'show and tell' session.