Plastic, plastic, everywhere

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There is a lot of chatter about plastics around the globe. One is reminded of Wordsworth’s memorable words, “what man has made of man!!”

The entire earth is being violated today. Everyone understands that plastic is contaminating our planet. In fact, the government is spending lots of money on awareness against plastic.

Is all this needed? Why can’t we transform our era to cloth bags? We rely on plastic bags because it is lightweight and easy disposable.

Much research has established that plastic doesn’t decay and that it releases harmful substances, but the bottom line is that it is like a drug to us.

Why don’t we use cloth bags? Perhaps we find it inconvenient because it is oddly-shaped and small. Also, it is less flexible, so it will be hard for us to carry it around. Lastly, we find it more expensive.

I am proud to say that my school “Chettinad Public school’’ has even banned chocolates inside the campus to keep away the plastic wrappers. As Mahatma said “if you want to see the change in this world, be the change.”

S. Gowtham

Class 8, Chettinad Public School, Managiri, Tamil Nadu



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