Students of N. St. Mathews Public School competed with 1,500 other students to bring back laurels to the school at the 31st National Montfort competitions.

Athletic prowess

In the athletics section, A. Jayanth of class eight for boys high jump and V.V. Lohit for 400 metres running won the gold medals, while in the junior boys team 4 X 100 metres race the team secured the first place.

The team from NSM secured the second place in the seniors 4 X 100 metres running, third place in the 400 metres and 800 metres section, second place in the junior girls 200 metres race and third place in the 400 metres race.

The teams from NSM proved their might by securing the second and third places in the senior girls volleyball, table tennis singles, senior boys shuttle and junior girls volleyball competitions.

All winners were congratulated in a special assembly organised in the school on the occasion of Children’s Day.