There is always that incredible story, the story that made you think and think some more before fuelling ambitions that you never thought existed. Everyone deserves to hear such a story and be inspired, be it in college, at some seminar or anywhere, and the more successful the story-teller, the better the chances of being inspired. Towards this end, Delhi University will now be inviting some of the most successful people on earth -- Nobel laureates -- to be part of its visiting faculty.

“Initially around five Nobel laureates will be invited for short-term assignments to Delhi University. Their main brief will be to talk about their personal and professional experiences that contributed towards their successes and also the impediments that they faced while working towards their goals,” says Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Dinesh Singh, adding that the proposal had been approved only last week when the university’s Executive Council met.

However, he added that they had already been in talks with a lot of the laureates and are in the process of finalising things.

“We have almost finalised three of them, Jules A. Hoffmann was keen, and he might be the first of them,” he said. The Frenchman had won one half of the Nobel for Physiology or Medicine in 2011 jointly with Bruce A. Beutler “for their discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity” and the other half had been awarded to Ralph M. Steinman.