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Megha Bajaj
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Attitude, grace and confidence are important to stay beautiful – inside and outside

Have you read a story called ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ If yes, do you remember the wicked queen who keeps looking in the magic mirror and asks, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

For as long as the mirror replies with the queen’s name, she is happy but the problem begins the minute it says, “Snow White.”

Although none of us are like the wicked queen – often, when we look in the mirror, don’t we also wonder if we look okay or not? Also, just like the queen, don’t we compare ourselves to others too? We feel a little shorter, a little taller, a little darker, a little fatter, a little thinner than our idea of ‘perfect looks’.

Looks start gaining too much importance for many of us as we enter our teens and somehow we feel good about ourselves only when we or others think we look good! I remember when I was about fourteen – I spent more time beside my dresser than I did at my writing desk! I remember having a ‘great’ day at school if someone had complimented me and a ‘bad’ one if someone pulled me down for any reason.

Staying tidy, staying healthy

So are looks important? Yes they are! Perhaps that wasn’t the answer you were expecting – but that is the truth. Each of us must look the best we can. From the way you keep your hair and nails to ensuring you eat healthy food and exercise enough – you can do your best to look and feel good and stay fit.

However, once you make sure you have taken care of your tidiness – you have to stop obsessing over your looks. The shape of your nose, your complexion, your height, the colour of your eyes – these are Life’s gifts to you. And no one in the world has ever looked exactly like you or will look exactly like you. That means – you as you are – are the most unique, precious and special of all creations. Isn’t that phenomenal?

There are things about your looks that are in your hands – and you must take responsibility. There are things about your looks that cannot be changed unless you do some drastic surgeries (which often do more harm than good) – so my advice to you would be: look your best, and let your attitude make up for the rest.

If you carry yourself with grace and confidence – little shortcomings in looks will have absolutely no bearing on you. Gandhiji wasn’t the best looking man in India and yet in so many ways he was the most important one.

Mother Teresa wasn’t a beauty queen in the conventional sense and yet – for anyone who met her, she appeared radiant and beautiful. You are as beautiful as you think you are – and as you work on your personality – you will be surprised at how beautiful you feel – both inside and outside.


(Megha Bajaj is the founder of Wonder of Words, a 'make a difference' organization that aims to bring excellent life skills and language skills to adults and children. To know more, visit



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