Turning 70, Mick Jagger still packs a punch

Mick Jagger turns 70 on Friday -- and though the Rolling Stones frontman isn't quite the image of rebellious youth he once was, he has lost none of his legendary swagger.

Strutting onstage in a sequinned jacket as the Stones headlined Britain's Glastonbury music festival last month, it was hard to believe this was a man who should be collecting his state pension.

"If this is this first time you've seen the band, do come again," Jagger told the crowd.

The music-making hasn't stopped either – the band recently wrapped up a tour of North America to mark their half-centenary and released two new tracks along with their greatest hits album "Grrr!" in November.

The Stones played their first gig in 1962 and three years later scored their first smash hit with "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction".AFP