Making science popular

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The best way to inspire students during their schooling is by making the subject well-understood by experimentation. Students must be given opportunity to explore on the topic they learn. They can be given chances to discover new things from their surroundings. A school wide “First Creator” competition could be held where students invent something new with the guidance of their science staff. 

P. Swarna Lakshmi

Class VIII, Aristo Public School, Cuddalore


Encouraging students to pursue a career in science should be started when the student is young and fresh. It’s the teacher who inspires love for the subject, in my opinion. If the teacher drones on and on about difficult formulas, a student is likely to resent science, whereas if the teacher brings in interesting experiments, the student will happily explore science deeper. In fact, experiments perk everyone up in my class and capture their attention successfully.

Another idea is to hold science seminars every once in a month, and display colourful pictures concerning the current chapter. One can also offer extra credit to those creating fancy and fun science projects, further motivating students to plunge into the thought-provoking world of science.

Although it is not wise to install computers in classrooms, sometimes bringing in tablets and simply surfing for more facts regarding science can also prove to be effective in catching the attention of students. Wacky facts are the ones that are remembered the most. Simple chats about examples of science which take place in our daily lives is another way to direct students in their future jobs in science.

Athira Sivadas

Class VII, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Thrissur


The schools can conduct science exhibition once in four months, which motivates interest over science among students. Science magazines, bulletins, articles with plenty of science facts can be issued by the school. ‘Science Tours’ can be arranged by schools for visiting botanical gardens, planetariums etc. Students should be encouraged to undertake mini-scientific projects. Quizzes based on scientific facts can be conducted occasionally, as can group-discussions.

M. Neya

Class VIII, Aristo Public School, Cuddalore


We should not learn science by heart but understand it. This can be done via practical learning and by observing everything in our surroundings. School teachers should take children outside everyday instead of using only textbooks and notebooks. They should have only a book to write about what they did in the science lab. The government should provide the needed equipment for the labs.

Tamma. Lohith Reddy

Class IX, Aravinda High School, Kunchanapalli


India's lag in science and cannot be solved just by writing articles about it. Nevertheless, here are some of the problems: 

* In India knowledge and talent is recognised only by marks. This particularly affects children affected by types of dyslexia or autism who do have problems in reading and writing, but that doesn't mean that they are talentless. In other countries people with these kind of problems manage to overcome these problems and become scientists and major innovators. Instead of supporting and encouraging the achievements and innovations of children, they are only awarded with certificates with their name on it. Students who wish to achieve something in life and have the talent and knowledge  to do so are but are stuck with school subjects that they hate.

* The problem in society is not kids not knowing science, the problem is adults not knowing science. Unfortunately, these adults wield power. When you have scientifically-illiterate adults, you have undermined the very fabric of what makes a nation wealthy and strong, said Neil deGrasse Tyson. 

J. Tharun 

Class XI, R.S.K HSS, Tiruchi



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