Let's have a quiet Diwali

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Crackers can be considered as a form of joy and entertainment. But these crackers are also a threat to life. Crackers are actually a miniature form of a bomb. There is a very minute difference between the two. Crackers have more disadvantages than advantages. Many children are employed for this work. Many people suffer from breathing problems because of this. The future generations will also be affected by this. Who has given us the right to play with the lives of these innocents? Crackers pollute the environment so much that sometimes on Diwali or after Diwali the sky is very cloudy because of the smoke. Many birds and dogs are also scared of crackers.

India, is a country where people do everything in a religious manner. But, do our religious books say that we have to destroy our environment? Diwali comes for joy and happiness but it goes with pollution and damage for us. The main message of celebration is lost somewhere. It says to rejoice but to rejoice at others cost.

Siimran K. Juneja.

Class 10, Apeejay School, Pitampura, Delhi

Thrice the fun and better for all!

Diwali is marked by the warmth it spreads and by warmth, I mean the warmth of love and not the heat of crackers.

I'm sure all of you are looking forward to this week because there will be a lot of sweets coming in, your mothers and grandmothers will be cooking vigorously and there will be lots of things to look forward to — plenty of food, new clothes and for most of you - shopping for crackers.

Crackers are not the only source of happiness during Diwali. There is so much more to it! How many of you realize that by burning crackers, you are not just burning money, but burning yourselves occasionally too? So after reading all this, I'm sure you must be thinking that I am going to ask you to stop bursting crackers completely. No, I'm not. This Diwali, why don't you share your crackers with two other families? Tell them not to buy crackers this time. This way, you would reduce the amount of crackers to one-thirds and you will have thrice the fun!


Class 11, G.D.Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbaore

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