Let them govern!

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Opposition parties are proving to be a big hindrance to development in our country

too much opposition?photo: AP
too much opposition?photo: AP

There is an unfavourable trend that is becoming an integral part of our life — that of blaming the government for everything.

Yes, I do accept that our political system does have flaws, and wrong-doers do not posses any right to lead the people of India.

But that does not mean we can label the entire government as being flawed. Before blaming the governments for everything just stop and think — “If I was in the position of the person I am blaming then would I have done what I am expecting him to do?”

We all our first to blame the prime minister. But have we ever thought what a noble, educated, diplomatic person we have for our prime minister. Don’t you think we are lucky than most of the nation who are still struggling for democracy.

Adding fat to the fire is the opposition party. Instead of doing their bit for the society, they are hindering people who are at least trying to do something for the country. And instead of the welfare of the country being the main aim, countering the opposition becomes important for the ruling party leading to the degrading political and economic stature of India.

This is one of the sole reasons why India is still considered a developing country. And so the five year term of the ruling party ends in fighting, countering, abusing and blaming its opposition for the slow progress of the country.

And thus the disgusted leaders indulge in corruption and thereby spoiling our nation’s future. It’s time for us to take the nation into our hands. We must do this by waiting patiently for the ruling party to achieve their goals instead of hindering with continuous bandhs and strikes.

Nikita Guduru

Delhi Public School, Vijayawada



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