Is GM the way to go?

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Genetically modified seeds in India can cause incalculable harm to our environment and human health. These seeds are subjected to a genetic material from soil bacterium (Bacillus thuringiensis) which releases toxins that kill both pest and beneficial insects. Due to the effect of Bt in soil, many weeds called the super weeds and super bugs start dominating the field which is herbicide-resistant that plague farmers. Furthermore, these seeds do not produce second generation seeds for sowing. The bitter truth is that these seeds are the brainchild of some multinational companies that are interested only in making money.


Class VIII, Amrita Vidyalayam, Ettimadi, Coimbatore.


Genetically modified (GM) crops have many potential advantages in terms of raising agricultural productivity and reducing the need for pesticides. They might also pose hazards to human health, from toxicity and increased risk of allergies, for example. However, particularly in Europe, regulations designed to ensure adequate safety of GM technologies may go too far.


Class VIII, Nava Bharath International School, Annur


Even though India is an agricultural  country, there is not enough crops for its people. In some lands, cultivating  hybrid variety crops will produce good crops. People can get good food and become healthy because of this hybrid variety crops. This will allow them to do their duties correctly which will rise the productivity of India.


Class XI, Cheran MHSS, Karur


In many developed countries GM foods are illegal. When it is not good for them, how can it be good for us? I prefer organic food as it is much healthier than GM food. I don’t understand why Mr. Moily has taken such a hasty decision when the issue is in the Supreme Court. 

M. Keerthi

Class X, Teja Vidyalaya, Kodad


GM crops need less pesticides. The cost of growing decreases, due to this. Food prices even decrease. But there are even disadvantages using them. The taste of food changes. It causes harm to other organisms. Possible damages may occur to the environment. Even unforeseen risks and damages may take place. So, it is better if we do not use GMO crops for our food.

G. Amit

Class VI, Sri Gowthami Smart School, Rajahmundry.



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