Any writer is basically looking at sharing her view that has been in her mind for so long with a larger audience.

After completing the book she realises that it has to be published and marketed and that is where the problem lies.

In today’s world with the audience spread across the globe it is not realistic to expect offline marketing to succeed in pushing the publication. With more people being able to access the Internet it is so much easier to publish and promote the book on the Net, Anil Atluri, of the online e-book store for Indian books, explained.

Mr Atluri says that they were able to publish the e-books in Indian languages and also make them available on multiple devices. Interestingly, the e-books of Kinige can be read on Kindle Fire.

With e-books the reader can carry an entire library on a smartphone and simply delete if he or she does not want the book. If the reader wants to read the book and not own it, they can rent it. The rent of course varies with the cost of the book. These include some of the best known names in Telugu.

For the publication the writer needs to provide the soft copy of the book. Any writer can simply upload the book for publication after selecting a cover. The royalty on basis of the number of books downloaded is credited in the account of the author automatically every month, he said.