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I am happy with your paper. I would be delighted if you publish the histories of various dynasties in a column. I also enjoy reading the comic strips.

P. Hinduja, Class X

Ravindra Barathi School, Hyderabad

This is with reference to recent reports on the falling numbers of sparrows in India. As naturalists have found to their dismay, the spread of the so-called urban jungle has proved to be a menace for sparrows although not for crows.

Why this is so remain a mystery. Perhaps the cutting down of trees on a large scale have destroyed their nesting sites. It also possible their vulnerability to predators – crows and kites –has increased as the sparrows have been forced to build their nests in places that are not well-hidden.

Although attempts are made to create public awareness through the observance of a World Sparrow Day and the declaration of this chirpy bird as Delhi’s state bird, the outcome has been disappointing. It may be that the proposed establishment of sparrow corners in schools and distribution of wooden nests will prove to be effective. In the cities, too, the planting of trees can help to save the cheerful “citizen”.

P.S. Surya Srinivas, Class X

Sainik School, Korukonda

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