How to save a language

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Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

Publish books written in endangered languages so that people will read and learn the language.

Use technology to create more awareness of the language

Introduce the language as a subject in schools so that new generations can learns the language

Languages become endangered when people speak in other languages because they are influenced by globalisation. So, encourage people to speak and write in that language, so that people will learn by practice

Damini Nair,

Class IV, Lecole Chempaka, Trivandrum

India is a diverse country and its states are divided on language basis. Today most people do not know their mother tongue because they give more importance to English than their mother tongue which is not good. Today most of the languages are at the verge of extinction. To preserve our endangered languages we have to take certain steps. For example, if a person does not know his mother tongue but graduated, he should not be allowed to get a job till he learns his mother tongue. 

Virendra Dwivedi

Class X, Army Public School Bolarum, Secunderabad


Every person has his or her own mother tongue. When a person says that he or she does not know how to speak in their mother tongue, it often angers other people. It is a big insult that to say '“I don't know how to speak my mother tongue'”.

These days, children of my generation use bad language, bad spelling, even when they know the right way. Language pundits feel very bad when listening to this.

Elders have to correct their children, but even they speak the same incorrect way. Hence children also learn the incorrect version of their mother tongue. My suggestion is to have every school of every state make it compulsory for students to learn the main language of that region Schools should making students read related and good books. In my school we have a language lab every Friday conducted by our principal. This is very useful to develop our language skills.

U.Vishnu Priya,

Class IX, Aravinda High School, Vijayawada.



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