How to de-stress during exams

Seetha Poovaiah
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Being positive and falling into the habit of doing things on time can go a long way

don't worrySchool children do some last minute revision before their examinations. Small changes in your lifestyle can minimise AFP
don't worrySchool children do some last minute revision before their examinations. Small changes in your lifestyle can minimise AFP

Exam time tends to make the best of us nervous. Keeping these things in mind can make it a lot easier on you.

Focused like a compass

Make sure you keep your goals very reasonable. Focus and concentrate on your work like a compass. The compass shows only one direction and guides mariners to their destinations. Once your destination or goal is set, keep working towards it.

For example, if you hold a magnifying glass on a sunny day over a piece of paper and do not move your hand while focussing and concentrating on it, the paper lights up. Now try moving your hand and observe the change. If you focus and concentrate you can reach your goals.

One day a man was walking on a road and he asked an old man, standing nearby where the road leads to. The old man enquired, “Where do you want to go?” The man was not sure where he wanted to go. The old man said, “Does it make any difference if you go wherever the road leads to?”

The same story applies to all of us. If we do not set goals or plan our destination, we cannot achieve success.

Your life is like a pencil

Allow your parents, teachers and grandparents to hold, sharpen and train you. The more you are sharpened, the better the output will be; the more you are trained and made tough, the better a human being you will be. Tolerating bitterness and unpleasant experiences will make you a better person.

Every little step counts

Doing a little more can make you more successful. Get up 10 minutes earlier and sleep 10 minutes later. Twenty minutes each day adds up to almost two and half hours a week and nine hours a month. If you spend those 20 minutes each day making minor improvements, you can accomplish a lot. Get into the habit of taking small positive steps, which will create everlasting success.

Most important of all is health

Eat right, exercise, practise yoga and meditation. Change your lifestyle. It is all in your hands. You have the key to youthfulness, vitality and a vibrant life. Your quality of life will improve remarkably!

The rule of good eating is ‘to have breakfast like a king, lunch like a princess and dinner like a pauper.’ But we do it all wrong!

Finally be calm, happy and cheerful. Develop a positive attitude and a habit of doing things now!

“Never leave till tomorrow which you can do today” - Benjamin Franklin

Mrs.Seetha Poovaiah is the Principal of G. Ramaswamy Naidu Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Coimbatore



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