N. Sreedhar

Wednesday proved to be ‘unique’ for a city-based fitness trainer. Coinciding with the rare combination of 12-12-12, M. Praveen Kumar ‘skipped’ his way to a ‘Unique World Record’ with non-stop rope skipping for 12 hours, from 12.12 a.m. to 12.12 p.m. at Lions Bhavan.

Accompanied by foot tapping music, the 31-year old fitness trainer accomplished this feat with barely 10 short breaks.

“I was planning to attempt this for long, but due to lack of sponsors, I could not take it earlier. It took me a three-month long preparation for completing this daunting task,” Mr. Kumar said.

But he is not planning to stop here. “My target is to do a similar feat but spanning 24-hours to achieve a Guinness World Record,” he informed. However, lack of sponsors is the main deterrent, Mr. Kumar said.