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Create a powerful villain
Create a powerful villain

Apart from the protagonist, the villain of your story is also extremely important. You must realise that your protagonist becomes a hero or heroine only by conquering something evil.

For instance, let’s say a girl called Archana is your protagonist. She wants to form a school choir but does not want to take in Sonia, a bad singer and not a very nice person. You could write:

Sonia was a horrible girl but she was the daughter of a trustee. She wanted to join the choir but Archana definitely did not want her in it.

People will not really understand why Sonia was horrible. You should say why she was really evil.

You could instead write:

Sonia was very rich and powerful, as she was the daughter of one of the trustees of the school. Nobody dared displease her in any way. Once, Rohit jestingly said her dress actually made her look like a cheap model and not a school girl. This made her so furious but she kept quiet and bore a grudge.

She was so vicious that she made sure Rohit was never included in any programme and that he was always given the toughest tasks in the school. Even his parents were never invited to the main events of the school.

She had ensured that several other people too had paid the price for getting on her wrong side. Even a teacher had been sacked for ‘offending’ her. A cleaner had been not given her bonus for Diwali just because she requested Sonia to step aside when she was mopping the floor. Everyone knew this was wrong but no one did anything about it.

Here, you have created a dramatic sequence where a battle of good and evil can take place.

People would definitely want Archana to form a choir without Sonia. You have to ensure that readers connect with the main characters.

You must make sure that they empathise with them and cringe at the idea of them getting hurt. Hence, you have to create a powerful villain to show how your protagonist overcomes them.

Be a WoW writer who creates drama by creating a powerfully evil villain.

All in the head – Attitude tip

Do you really think people are either all good or all bad? We tend to think our best friends, our mentors, teachers, mothers and fathers are ‘all good’ and can do no wrong. We are so shocked and disappointed when we find out that it isn’t really so… sometimes we can’t even get back to the relationship after someone we think is ‘perfect’ has committed a mistake.

On the other hand, we feel some people, whom we dislike – are all ‘bad’ – we can only see all the wrong in them.

However, is this really true? Can a person be only ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – or can they be a wonderful mix of both? People have great and not so great sides to them. It is up to us to see and cherish all the good in a person – and at the same time be aware of their flaws.

This way, we would never be taken by shock – and yet have beautiful relationships. Is it possible to see people so objectively – well, that’s where your maturity will come in play… let’s try?

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