The BBMP’s state of paralysis concerning garbage has tainted even the legacy of one of Kannada’s greatest writers.

What greets the visitor to the house of Jnanpith awardee Masti Venkatesa Iyengar’s house is a mound of garbage.

The footpath in front of the house is also blocked with large stones dumped on it. Ironically, a BBMP signboard just outside harangues the public on keeping the city clean. Mavinkere Ranganath of the Masti Prashati Samiti expressed his disgust thus: “This is indeed unpardonable. The civic authority must immediately take measures to clear the garbage and ensure that the area is well maintained.” When contacted, BBMP’s South Zone Joint Commissioner Trilok Chandra said the area was a “designated garbage collection point” and that after the garbage is collected, the area is cleaned.

BBMP says neighbourhood is collection point