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Book: The School at the Chalet

Author: Elinor Brent-Dyre

Madge Bettany and her siblings find themselves in financial trouble after the death of their guardian. Her twin brother Dick works in India but his salary is not enough to support the family. So, Madge comes up with a plan to start a school.

As her younger sister Joey’s health is fragile she decides to open the school near a lake in Austria. The school begins with two pupils, her sister Joey and Grizel, their English neighbour’s daughter. Within the first week, however, she enrols 15 students and two headmistresses. The school grows quickly.

Several pranks and adventures follow in the school at the chalet. Troublemaker Juliet Carrick is one of the students. Grizel makes an enemy from Berlin. The school newspaper is born in the midst of a birthday and a thunderstorm. Want to know more? Welcome to the Chalet school, one of the most loved boarding school series of books of all time.

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