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Kannal Achuthan
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Learning with infographics

The visual aid to your left is called an infographic. Infographics are very useful tools because they can put things in a nutshell. With one glance, you can understand the main points of a subject rather than go through several lines of text.

Memory aid

If you have a detailed answer to study, try making a visual representation of it. Even if you have to write down the entire answer as text in your exam, the visual will help you to remember all the points easily. This can be done for any language, including History or Geography where you may not have diagrams like in Science, to jog your memory.

You could also produce infographics on charts to help your class absorb facts better.

How to create an infographic

There are many tools to create these visual aids. Adobe Photoshop is one but it does not come free. Try , an online software, that allows you to create infographs. And, yes, this online resource is an example of cloud computing because you can store your infographs online in the cloud! Another accessible tool, found installed in most computers, is MS Powerpoint, which can also be used for infographics.

Before you start, here are some basic tips to make infographics. Take time for a while to think of ways to visualise an idea. For example, you might want to explain cloud computing. Keep the question in mind and write down the answer in a few words. Make sure these key words have a place in your visual.

Now, do a rough sketch of your infograph on paper. This will give you a quick idea of what you want your draft to look like. Images can be downloaded free for non-commercial use from Creative Commons sites.

Now, you'd need to pick colours and fonts. Choose one font and colour for sub-heads and another for your text inside.

For some fine examples of infographics, log on to , which is a large collection of data visualisation.



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