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FIVE things you need to know about INSAT-3D

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photo: AFP
photo: AFP

1 India’s advanced satellite Insat-3D was launched early Friday onboard Ariane-5 rocket from Kourou in French Guiana off the Pacific coast.

2 The two-tonne advanced weather satellite was placed in the geosynchronous transfer orbit (used to move a satellite from Low Earth Orbit into a geostationary orbit.) 32 minutes later, about 36,000 km above from earth.

3 The sophisticated spacecraft is orbiting at perigee (closest to the earth) of 249.9 km and apogee (farthest from the earth) of 35,880 km in the orbit.

4 The satellite will improve weather forecasting system, including predictions about the monsoon.

5 The 4 instruments onboard are:

* Imager (to take weather pictures of the earth)

* Sounder (to monitor weather through atmospheric sounding system, and provide vertical profiles of temperature and humidity. )

* Data Relay Transponder (to receive data sent by the automatic data collection platforms located at remote uninhabited places and relay them to a processing centre for generating accurate weather forecasts)

* Satellite Aided Search & Rescue (to pick up and relays alert signals originating from the distress beacons of maritime, aviation and land-based users and relay them to the mission control centre to facilitate speedy search and rescue operations.).IANS



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