The Hindu in School is my favourite newspaper. It is highly affordable and provides me with plenty of important news and information.

It has also helped me improve my grammar, General Knowledge, Maths skills and vocabulary.

I especially like 'Rebus' and 'Qwikipedia'. I think you should also introduce a column on financial management as it will help students to manage our money more effectively.

M. Arun Kishore

Class X

St.Thomas English High School


The Nilgiris

I find The Hindu in School is a very interesting newspaper. In fact, we dedicate one period in school exclusively for reading this paper. Our English teacher constantly encourages us to read it.

S. Praveen Kumar and S. Karthick Balajee

Class VIII C

Senthil Public School


Tamil Nadu

I am a regular reader of The Hindu in School . I really like the Know your Body column on the Health page. It helps us understand the functioning of the human body.


Class XII

SSHN Higher Secondary School


My principal and teachers encourage us to read The Hindu in School . The news is presented in a clear and simple language which makes it very appealing to students. My friends and I read it together and we really appreciate it.

I really like the sports and news pages.

I also like the Maths puzzle and Today in History column.

It would be nice if you could also add a cricket score board to this newspaper.

SK Anushya

Class X

Rajalakshmi Genguswamy Matric Highersecondary school


There is something about The Hindu in School that keeps it ahead of the other newspapers. It provides students with news and knowledge.

Jackson P Jacob

Class XII

SSHS School

I am an eager reader of The Hindu at School . It really is a treat for the students.

I love the Word of the Day and Today in History column very much.

Rahul Jayan

Class XII

SSHS School