Every child is a scientist

Ajjitha Mohan
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non-linear thinkingChildren need to know that all subjects have their own valuePhoto: K. Pichumani
non-linear thinkingChildren need to know that all subjects have their own valuePhoto: K. Pichumani

A good teacher persuades and helps a student to understand his hidden talents and mould them.

Children need options and appreciation to excel in academics. While teaching about birds, the topic must be integrated with other disciplines like physics, aerodynamics, conservation biology, wildlife photography, arts, poetry, value education, physical education, etc.

When a child gets inspired by being taught about how birds fly, feed him with more information and relate the topic with aerodynamics and space research. That child could be awarded with a Wright Brother award or Missile man award.

 A few kids may show curiosity when they are asked to draw pictures of birds. A few are inspired when taken for bird watching; they can be awarded with a Dr. Salim Ali award. The smartness of the birds like conscious sleep, getting up early in the morning, being alert towards predators, feeding their babies, all give the child a lot of moral values, the students showing keen interest could be awarded.

Stories related to history could be taught to show that how in olden days the birds carried messages. In science every lesson is related to thousands of scientists. The children will know that all subjects have their own value. This can give a child sense of a broader thinking rather than linear.

Children should not think that Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are the only scientists .Every person who has contributed to society needs to be recognized and awarded. If the child is given options before evaluating his strength and weaknesses, they could be identified and necessary remedial strategies could be put forth.

It is believed that children quite often expect positive feedback. Integrated scientific knowledge has to be cultivated in pupils to draw interest and love for education.If we thoroughly analyze, then we will find that every child can become a scientist. This will ignite the passion for knowledge in the minds of school students that help them decide their aim in life.

Ajjitha Mohan is an English teacher, Chettinad Public School, Managiri, Karaikudi



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