Driving in the Fog

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The chill in the air may seem like a welcome break after the long hard months of scorching heat. You don’t even mind the fact that stepping out means wearing layers of warm clothing and walking a little off balance. The winter season besides bringing on the chills, also brings with it unsafe driving weather conditions. We are aware that it doesn’t snow in most parts of India, but what about ‘Fog’?

It may not seem as a big deal, but fog is a real threat for any driver on the road, especially at nighttimes or early morning, when the fog layer is usually the densest.

In severe situations, fog can limit the visibility to as little as 32 feet. It is one reason why we see a lot of flight delays in dense fog areas during the winter months.

So, here we have some tips to help drive safely even when feeling a little bind spotted by the white wall before them.

1. Prepare: Check on the weather conditions before you decide to venture out at night or early morning, when the fog layer is usually the thickest.

2. Slow down: It is a good idea to slow down even if you encounter a light layer of fog, as you cannot see any possible oncoming traffic very clearly in a low visibility situation.

3. Turn on the lights: Make sure the front fog lights are turned on even in slightly foggy areas. During dense fog, it may be a good idea to turn on even the rear fog lights and the hazard lights, as your own visibility is very important to avoid getting into any accidents.

4. Lane driving: Try and stick to one lane in a foggy situation, and the lane to choose is always the last one on the road, where the traffic is slowest (in India that would be the extreme left). This can avoid possible collision with pedestrians on the road or even oncoming traffic.

5. Be alert: It is a good idea not only to keep a keen eye on the road, but also to listen to sounds of people or cars travelling with you, because the visibility in not clear.

6. No sudden movements: While travelling on foggy terrain, it is a bad idea to brake suddenly or even slow down instantly, as the cars following you can pile up very easily in this situation. It is also a good idea to keep the minimum safe distance from the car ahead of you at all times, because you don’t know when the car ahead of you might brake. While these tips can come handy to anybody driving in such a situation, the best possibility of course would be to avoid driving in foggy weather conditions altogether.



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