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Now, control a live cockroach from your smartphone!

Roboroach! Now, you can control the movements of a live cockroach from your own mobile device with the help of the world’s first commercially available cyborg.

Called RoboRoach, the project currently on Kickstarter has been developed by a group of educational researchers called Backyard Brains from Ann Arbor, Michigan. RoboRoach consists of three components: a cockroach with surgically implanted electrical stimulator’s, a cockroach-size “backpack” that transmits these signals to a smartphone and an app that allows users to send the cockroach directional commands, TechNewsDaily reported. Cockroaches are known to navigate by feeling their surroundings with their long antennae. As antennae touch some object, the neurons within them send an electrical impulse to the cockroach’s brain, letting the roach know that there’s an obstacle in its way.



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