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Kannal Achuthan
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If you’ve read the story on your left, here are some facts and exercises that you might enjoy.

What do these words mean?

1. Burgeoning

a. increasing b. decreasing c. in the limelight d. bloody

2. mainstay

a. staying happy b. poor income c. providing important support d. neighbour’s help

3. safari

a. land expedition b. flying trip c. clothing d. climbing trees

4. alleged

a.not convinced b.said without proof c. blamed d. shouted

5. spat

a. conversation b. swallow c. quarrel d. interaction

(Answers below)

Point - Counterpoint

There are four persons quoted in this news report. Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo says the number of large cats are dwindling and they need to be protected if the country wants to improve wildlife tourism. Conservationist James Chungu agrees. Interestingly, the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), which manages the hunting licences, appears to disagree. Why do you think this is? A hunting association member says that "blood sport" will bring the country more revenue. If this were true, what would stand would you take if you were the tourism minister. Tell us at the

  • Zambia is a landlocked country is southern Africa

  • Its capital is Lusaka

  • English is the official language. Regional languages include Bemba, Lozi, Kaonde, Lunda, Luvale, Tonga, and Nyanja.

  • The population is 14 million

  • The staple diet is maize



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