Children’s Day at The Creek

Teachers and students at ‘The Creek’ here, remembered the late Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and celebrated ‘Chacha’ Nehru’s birthday with enthusiasm.

The day’s programmes revolved around the Pandit’s words, “Provide ample, equal opportunities to children with which they can take great strides and contribute to the progress of the nation.

The senior teachers conducted the Assembly and students were told about Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and wonder kids like eight-year-old Sri Harshini, the karate queen, Augustya, the seven-year-old, who can answer any general knowledge question etc.

Junior wing children had a fancy dress competition.Various games were conducted for students like running, kho kho & kabadi.

A throw ball match was held between teachers & students.

It was a fun filled event. Teachers also recalled their student days.

The day was special as the little ones at ‘The Creek’ learnt that like Chacha Nehru, they needed to work hard for progress in their own lives.

Rhythmic Melange

The fusion of Bathakamma with Dandia and Garba was the thematic methodology adopted for creating awareness about Indian culture and festivals. Classes 3 and 4 of the Delhi Public School here put up a spectacular show.

The children dressed up in traditional attire. The programme took the children through various regions of the country and engrossed them in the celebration of Dasara and Diwali.

The assembly commenced with a melodious choir depicting the nine forms of ‘Shakti’ namely Shakti, Shanti, Daya, Matru, Chaaya, Buddhi, Shradha, Vidya and Lakshmi Roopini. This was followed by the Dasara celebration in Bengal i.e. Durga Puja. It is celebrated for four days, the last day being ‘Bijoya’. And then it was a glimpse into how Dasara is celebrated by those in the hill region of Kulu.

The programme was enlightening and brought out many aspects of folklore that tell us the stories behind Dasara celebrations. It included melodious and foot-tappingsongs from various rural regions of the country. The folk dance was performed by children with utmost gaiety and fervour.

Keeping in view the overall development of children, the Nalanda Vidya Niketan organises Srujana, an annual cultural event in which several competitions are organised to help school children bring out their creative side.On Friday and Saturday, the students presented fruit salads and other dishes cooked by them, in addition to participating in dumb charade, solo singing, elocution, fabric painting, pencil sketching and flower arrangement.

Former Medical Superintendent I.S. Maheswar and Principal Sushant Das participated in the event. The chief guest also asked the students to devote time to extra-curricular activities.

Child abuse

Even as the district officials are making tall claims over child rights and prevention of child labour, child abuse continues unabated.

A ten-year-old girl of Krishna district was detained at home by a software couple in Chennai, a lecturer forcibly engaged a minor girl for work for not repaying the loan taken by her father, a trader detained a family including two children for not clearing the debts, eight children were rescued from the railway station when a broker of Kaikalur was trafficking them to Chennai for labour work. The pathetic stories of vulnerable children continue to pour in.

These are some of the incidents that the Labour, Police, National Child Labour Project (NCLP), Women Development and Child Welfare departments and some NGOs come across in Krishna district in the last few months.

Several children are working in factories, industries and other hazardous conditions.

Interestingly, most of the employers are well aware of the Acts and Laws.

Children from other districts are being engaged as maid servants with the help of brokers, for just a paltry amount. Mantada village is a known place for brokering and trafficking children, even to the neighbouring States, said an NGO organiser. At a programme organised in connection with ‘Child Rights Week’ celebrated from November 14 to 20, the NCLP in-charge Project Director D. Anjaneya Reddy said that as many as 500 child labourers, including 30 working in dangerous conditions were rescued this year.