An interactive session between students and filmmaker Sekhar Kammula induced many people to think. With his awakening campaign ‘I care I react’, the director wants to address students and encourage coherent thinking. For the first time, he addressed students of Prism Degree and PG College in the city.

His 40-day campaign aims at bringing revolution among the youth individually without them waiting for someone else to react and protest sexual harassment against women. “We want people to rise and express their intolerance with a simple gesture. When you wake up one fine morning and feel bad witnessing the atrocities against women just pin a badge ‘I care and I react’. It makes you think from within. And when you explain the same to your friends it becomes a network,” he explained. The director hopes to reach people through this chain.

Interactive session

There was an interactive session between students and the director where he asked them what they would do if they come across any sexual assaults near their places. A few of the students answered that one cannot do anything individually due to various restrictions at home. Narrating an incident, another student Mounika said: “Recently, a six-year-old girl was raped by two youngsters near our place (Vizianagaram) but when we approached the police for help, nothing much was done to the criminals. Subsequently, the complaint got dissolved and we came to know that the offenders bribed the police and walked out of the case.”

Some of the boys said that sensitisation starts from home and should be self-driven. “We should respect other women as our sisters, friends and mother. We will wear the badge and try to bring revolution in an inclusive manner,” they said.

Dark experiences

Many have shared their dark experiences in the forum and said that they do not want anyone to go through such situations. Scores of students appreciated Sekhar Kammula for his wonderful initiative that induced coherent thinking and for the efforts taken to bring a global change.

The director asked the students to wear the badge on a daily basis and pass on the message in their ambit. He had already given 60,000 badges to various students in Hyderabad.