This is the beginning: Everything has a beginning. When I was born – that was my beginning. Stories, like everything else, begin at the very beginning. Well, mostly they begin at the very beginning. It might be confusing if they begin at the middle or at the end. Sometimes, stories begin at the middle or at the end. The author may want you to be a little confused in the beginning. Whether stories begin at the beginning, the middle or the end, they all have a beginning.

This is the middle: Now that something has begun, something must happen – that's how stories are. It begins. Then something happens and then something else happens. Something more happens. Again something happens and so on. It's in the middle of the story that we understand the sequence of events, the plot of the story. The story really opens up to us in the middle of the story. We get to know the characters better. Think of the Harry Potter series. At the very beginning there was an infant wizard who almost died. He grew up amongst Muggles. Then he was invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That was the beginning. Then what happened? So many things happened! Seven years of action and adventure!

Think of a 1-day cricket match. The opening pair sets the tone of the innings at the very beginning – the first few overs. Then the middle order builds the innings slowly and steadily, one run at a time. If the middle order collapses, then the innings collapses. In the same way, if the middle of a story is weak, then it may not be very interesting to read.

This is the end: Every story has an end. At the very end, the author ties up all the loose ends, completes the story and says farewell to the reader. But the story doesn't die. That's why it's important to have a good ending – the ending is what we all remember long after the story is over.