When robots and green talks came together

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GraVITas 2012, technical fest at VIT, showcased a robotic future and an environment-friendly present

If it is a technical fest, then robotics ought to be one of its integral facets. And rightly so, robotics filled the air at VIT University’s graVITas 2012, with different kinds of robots hogging the limelight, be it at playing cricket, soccer or tackling obstacles on water, to hurdles on specially-designed track.

Testing the various strengths of a robot was ‘Robo GP’, in which participants had to design a robot that could traverse on different arenas. “In this, we test the control, traction, drift, suspension and manoeuvring abilities of the robots developed by the participants. The robots have to move on a track which has several hurdles, such as a steep slope, sea-saw, bumps and greased surface,” explained Ashish Choudhary, one of the event coordinators.

If this was an event on rough terrain, then ‘Aquabot’ was all about water and obstacles in it. As Spondon, event coordinator said, “This is an obstacle-ridden course. There are balls, paddle, motor with fans creating ripple effects and whirlpools. The robot has to avoid these obstacles and tackle an iceberg and reach the finish line for the first round. We will fill sand in the tank and put coins of various denominations for the second round. The robots will play against each other to collect the maximum coins. This will be followed by a race with five laps to decide the winner.”

Building robots using micro-controllers and programming it to follow the white lines on a grid was the ‘Grid Follower’ event, which saw 23 teams participating, while ‘IP Soccer’, an event held for the first time in graVITas 2012 was based on image processing. Participants had to guide the robot to a cube of specific colour and take it to the goal post.

Make the right connections on a circuit and prevent the capacitor from blasting was the ‘Bomb Expert’, said its event coordinator Suchitra.

The fourth edition of the annual techno-management fest was home for not just technical innovations but also for brainstorming ideas for a better tomorrow. Like the national summit of Talk @ Green India, which turned into a forum for presenting ideas related to environment and social issues.

On the first day, the participants were given case studies on underprivileged children and lack of education. They had to develop a teaching curriculum for the children. This was called ‘Modern Prophets’, explained Laksha Sharma, one of the event coordinators. The second day’s round – Green Storm – required the participants to identify an actual problem in their locality and present a solution for it.

“‘Eco-oracle’ will be the next, in which we will present a problem statement to the participants and give portfolio of States. This will be on submergence of coastal areas in the next 10 years. They will have to debate on the issue and come up with solutions to save the future,” she added.

Twenty-one summer projects of students came as an interesting display of technical know-how. Whether it was the smart-street system in which street lights automatically switch on for a passing car, the remote door unlocking system, smart coat for the blind, next generation wheel or the crop loss controller, the exhibition had plenty in store for students.

‘Ultimate Engineer’ was the event looking for the engineer with all-round knowledge other than his/her branch of study.

In this, we test the control, traction, drift, suspension and manoeuvring abilities of the robots developed by the participan



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