Storms in October? Read on to understand.

Our world, as we know it, is changing. There are progressive changes and there are some regressive transformations too. At the forefront of this regressive change is the planet’s environmental health. It goes unsaid that the often bureaucratic processes delay possible developments. It is also true that the inclusion of civil society – from schoolchildren to adults to professionals to activists – has greatly contributed to lobbying governments and institutions to speed up action. There are solutions and the involvement and inputs of young minds continue to influence the decision-making.

Global Initiative

To inspire young minds, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), an international organisation working on conservation and Acoustic Traditional, a group working on communicating traditional knowledge to the non-indigenous communities has launched an unusual campaign the "October Storm", as part of the World Wildlife Week celebrations.

As a part of the global initiative, the organisation is uniting student voices in an effort to create a youth vanguard against the war on nature. The campaign runs for a month by which tine the students will compete for the best story, best school project idea, and the best illustration on nature. The competition culminates in a unique fest of theme games, traditional story telling and documentary film screenings on wildlife.

The campaign will focus on traditional practices in view of nature conservation. While the campaign blends traditional and contemporary views on conservation, the competition aims at creating opportunities for the students to take part in global as well as local environmental initiatives. It is a belief of WWF that the number of committed young individuals who have a will to make a difference to the world they live in, is growing.

A spokesperson said that the prizes for the winners have undergone a thorough review so that they serve to facilitate the interests of the students in the long run. For example, the best entries for stories will not only win their way to publication but also a workshop to further their writing skills.

The October Storm will create a new league of young conservationists, who will reach and inspire the global mass through fun and creative ways.

The entries will be judged by a panel comprising conservationists, activists, educators and professionals.